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Coamo is one of the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico, each one governed by a Mayor and Municipal Assembly elected every four years. The Casa Alcaldía is the seat of the Municipal Government. Hon. Carlos "Tato" García Padilla (PPD) was elected mayor in and re-elected in 2004.

Casa Alcaldía of Coamo

The Legislature of Puerto Rico is composed of a Senate and House of Representatives, elected every four years by direct voting of citizens 18 years of age and older.

Coamo belongs to the Guayama Senatorial District, and is represented by senators Hon. Margarita Nolasco Santiago (PNP) andHon. Cirilo Tirado Rivera (PPD). In the house is represented by Hon. Carmen I. González González (PPD) .

The Governor of the Comonwealth of Puerto Rico and a Commissioner Resident in Washington are elected in the same elections and by direct vote. The Commissioner represents the Comonwealth in the USA Congress.

The Commissioner Resident in Washington only has the right to participate in discussions and express opinions in the USA House of Representatives but does not have the right to vote on legislation. Altough naturals of Puerto Rico are USA citizens, residents of the Comonwealth do not have the right to vote fort the Presiodent of the USA. Naturals of Puerto Rico that reside permanently in a State of the USA can vote for the President and representatives of their home state.


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