Global Intrigues The Era of the Spanish-American War and The Rise of the United States to World Power

Paperback by Juan R. Torruella

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"Despite its importance in propelling the United States into the very center of the world scene, the Spanish-American War is an event that has been largely relegated to a back burner of United States national history. Why this is so is not entirely clear because the conflict, and the circumstances within which it developed and flourished, have current relevance. Given more attention and review, the Spanish-American War may provide considerable insight into the present state and conduct of the international affairs of the United States. In fact, its study may very well shed light on what the future holds in store.

A limited discussion of this topic appears in the Epilogue. Though it is not meant to be an exhaustive analysis of this complicated, and seemingly unfathomable subject, that last chapter should be kept well in mind, or even read first."

Juan R. Torruella, juez del Tribunal Apelativo de Primera Instancia en Boston.

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