Prehispanic Periodo: For centuries, Coamo had a numerous indigenous population, mostly located along the Cuyón and Coamo Rivers. Archaeologists have study several villages. It seems there was strong commerce between the fishing village El Cayito at Santa Isabel and the villages along the Cuyón and Coamo rivers, up to the village Toíta at the territory of the chief of Cayey. Natives of these villages were very fond of shellfish, leaving its remains as a testimony.

After the native rebellion of 1511 was defeated by the Spanish, slave work,

chicken pox and other epidemics, almost exterminated the indigenous population by the end of the 16 century. The few natives that survived the either flee to other islands or were assimilated into the Spanish population. During the foundation of Coamo there is no mention of the natives since they had practically disappeared from the region. For more information about the Taino visit the Inter-tribal Council and the Centro Ceremonial Indigena de Tibes.


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